A popular debate program Sun TV airs during festival days is known as “Pattimandram”
Sun TV, Solomon Papaiah (moderator) Raja and Bharathi Bhaskar are the key persons in these shows.
“Pattimandram” means Solomon Papaiah.
He moderates the debate and he is known for his ‘down to earth’ speaking style. He has the experience of Moderating more than 5000 Pattimandrams.
Yesterday the topic of the debate was: “The modern generation got more or lost a lot”
The highlight of the show was there was one speaker from the present generation in each team consisting of three members, talking for and against the topic.
That young girl spoke well, telling that modern generation have in fact gained more in life.
Raja – who is veteran in this Pattimandram talk, began against the topic, by appreciating the child. I thought he would not mock the child, but he did mock. He teased. His knack of teasing the other speakers makes him popular. He said that the present generation has in fact has lost something compared to the previous generations.
For a teaser there is one who teases more. Bharathi Bhaskar teasing Raja is also fun. She began by saying that Raja is busy attending the ‘Pattimandrams’ and he has failed to notice the gains of the present generations. It is fun watching the talks of Raja and Bharathi Bhaskar teasing each other but driving the point in the show very well.
Listening the points put forward by the speakers, Solomon Papaiah concluded the pattimandram saying that the present generation have lost something and they are going towards being alone and self centered.
Nice show to watch during holidays.


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