Tweet picks

It is tweet-pick day.
Reading a tweet, sometimes I think a little. Tried to express that thinking a little in this post.

1)Allison Sullivan (@allisulli) tweeted at 11:00 p.m. Tue, Apr 15:

I don’t have to be friends with someone to share their words. I don’t know any of my favorite authors.

If the words are good, that is good enough. Friendly enough. Feel very friendly to quote the above thought.

2)protolalia (@protolalia) tweeted at 2:04 a.m. Fri, Apr 11:

I would rather people think I have "poor impulse control" than admit how much thought went into all of my bad decisions.


I don’t want to admit how much thought I spent in picking up these three tweets for the posting today.

3)Better to stand under a woman than try to understand a woman.

Original Tweet:

Sent via TweetDeck

This @nickskhare tweets sarcasms, and applying them on life lightens the heart. Supposing I fail to understand my dear woman then instead of getting raged at her, I can just stand under her.


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