^cg KLE Dhavani BVB 90.4FM

KLE Dhavani BVB 90.4FM, this Radio Station is somewhat new to our city. May be 6 months old.
Sometimes I get a chance to listen to this. Listening to this Radio is nice as it has got all local ingredients. (We love local; we perceive better)
The other day in the afternoon I was listening to a drama: ” Muttiththella Chinna” (Whatever touched is Godl) The drama in completely lighter vein told about having more money is hand is dangerous and useless.
Yesterday it was a humor talk program. There are wonderful persons locally who talk comedy and it was good with local tinge.
Thought I would share some jokes which I listened.
Let me list some jokes now only, lest I forget to share with you.


I chose, Roti as the first joke to share with you. Next I shall come to Mumbai.
The old couple were engaged in preparation of roti. In my city which is Called North Karnataka Region the stable food is Roti. The grain used to make this dish is jowar. Jowar flour is made as a dough and is patted with hands to make chappathi like thin layer. It is an art which we rice eaters who have come from Tamilnadu to this city cannot learn so easily.
Yes, so the old lady was patting rotis (Roti badiyothu we say locally). The man said: “I want brinjal curry” To this the woman said: “No Brinjal at home, get it from market”
The Roti, we call it as bhakri too goes well with brinjal curry. Roti with brinjal curry, madikke Kallu and Ranjaka is very special. Very very special with Brinjal curry.
The man goes to Market. He buys brinjal and lo, he collapses. His time came to quit the world.
People came to inquire the lady about her husbands death.
So many people come to ask about her husbands death.
The old lady goes on narrating:
“We were preparing to make some rotis. He wanted Brinjal curry. He went to market to buy brinjal. There he died”
The old lady’s vented her grief like this and there were quite a number of people to listen to her and console her.
Another old lady came to inquire about the old man’s death.
Our lady repeated:
“We were preparing rotis. He wanted Brinjal curry. He went to market to buy brinjal. There he collpased”
This old lady then retorted:
“Okay, then what did you do with the rotis?
The brinjal is getting underlined here for wrong spelling. I think using eggplant would describe brinjal more. Check Brinjal at Wikipedia (Self Talk)
Don’t forget to tune in here to know what is this Mumbai joke is about.


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