Certain orthodox people follow some etiquette during poojas or in life situations and we call it as ‘Madi’
Madi simply means to be clean and to be away from sticky things. Don’t allow sticky things to stick to you.

A cat was there in a certain orthodox family and being a ‘madi’ family they used to wash the cat now and then.
This practical gentleman asked the madi family not to wash the cat so frequently. He said that the cat will die because of this wash.
It happened. The cat died because of a wash.
He said to the family, “See, I told you so.”
The adamant madi family said: “Look gentleman, the cat did not die because of the wash. We wrung the cat to dry. It died”

Another joke from the humor talk.

One more joke about the District commissioner came to my mind now.
Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for that DC joke.


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