Call them properly

The District Commissioner was traveling in a jeep for some urgent work.It had rained earlier and the roads were slushy. On his way to Dharwad, near a village his jeep got stuck in a slushy road.
The jeep did move forward. The driver got down and tried to push the jeep. To give the driver a helping hand the DC got down and tried to push the vehicle. No, the vehicle did not budge an inch. The tires were well rooted to the mud.
The District Commissioner seeking some more helping hands, sees a group of farmers working in the field, goes to them personally, and requests them:
“Dear people, we are in trouble. My jeep has got stuck in the ground. Please lend a hand, to push the vehicle”
The peasants don’t pay heed to him and are engaged in planting the saplings.
Very patiently and politely, the DC makes attempts to draw their attention.
One guy, tells the DC:
“No time to do that, we have to finish this job in time”
Dab…Dab …Dab…
A motorcycle arrives. The superintendent of police is traveling in that motor cycle. He gets down and gives a firm salute to the District commissioner. He asks him what is the matter.
DC explains the trouble he is in.
“One moment sir,” The SP tells him and goes to the peasants. He begins his talk with four letter word. Says.
“Idiots, come on…our sahib’s vehicle has stuck in mash, quick…Push it out”
The peasants come running,leaving their work as it is.
They push the jeep.
DC happily drives away.
The SP then asks the peasants: “why didn’t you help the DC immediately? He is my boss and I salute him”
The peasants reply:
“Sir, he didn’t call us properly”
(joke heard in KLE dhvani)


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