My family

The mind set is such that it sees ‘my family’ ‘my relatives’ ‘my colleagues’ my friends’ and ‘my work’. The mind definitely does not seem to look beyond this. The emotions happen as per these things and spoils the mind almost always and very rarely makes the mind happy.
I see only “my apartments”
My apartments should be clean.
We should get regular water.
We should have a proper parking space.
Have I ever thought of the other “My family” of my apartment caretaker?
Their family is as sacred as mine. Even more.
They will think about their “my family” just like I think about “my family’ Perhaps even more and better.
Perhaps they will organize the happenings in their family in a better way.
I think the organization in my family in greater monetary values. They manage their ‘my family’ in a better way with lesser monetary benefits.
We in our apartments take our watchman ‘my family’ for granted and think more about our “my families.”
“My house is not getting drinking water.”
“My stairway is not cleaned”
“Why are you allowing salesman to knock at my door?”
“My family” of the watchman had their own “my family problem”. They left the responsibility of watching “our apartments” abruptly.
“Why did they leave abruptly? They should inform all “my families” of our apartment, well in advance”
Our “my families” are whining now.
We have to switch on the water pump.
We have to switch on the stairway lights in the evening.
Who will go to remit the electricity bill this month?
Our my families are looking out for a “My family” of watchman for our apartment now.
Any recommendations?

cgbalu from Hubbali


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