New watchman appointed

Ah, there we got a new watchman “my family” from this evening onwards to take care of our apartments.
My idea of writing an entry titled ‘my family’, yesterday was to express something about the feeling we get very often when we compare my family with other ‘my families’ I think I have not expressed my thoughts on this subject so well. Let me try another two or three entries on this.
Today my wife told me she could not become a talented lady like that poet who was talking on the radio. She also told me that our daughter could not get a good name in her project like her colleagues. It happens…it happens to me.
I could have come up like my boss at the office…
Each “my family” has it own successes…some sacrifices and hard work behind those success.
Let me try to express more on this heavy mental block called ‘envy’ writing two or three more entries.


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