Conductor management

Giving vent to my feelings of envy.
Yesterday, was just envying the drivers job in a bus.
Once my boss called us. (I always envy my bosses)
Just two or three of his sub ordinates. He suddenly – very suddenly asked: “did you finish that task?”Since it was a sudden question, I took some time to bring my senses into a focus and I said “Yes””Ha ha ha…” -Boss can always laugh and make a situation – any situation light. (I envy my boss for this trait which he can only enjoy) – Boss laughed and said: “This is called conductor management”Conductor will issue tickets to the passengers. He will be confident that he has issued tickets to all the passengers, yet he will be satisfied by sprouting the question: “Has everybody bought the ticket?”Some passengers will touch their pockets to make sure. Conductor will be now more sure that he has done his duty. By seeing the facial expression of the passengers, he may find out the passenger who has not bought the ticket. (if at all he has failed)So Boss here is the conductor here?Me the passenger?
Ho, No….I wanted to make this entry so that I can become the driver in this story and kill my envy.This entry ended by being me as the passenger.Something else I shall try on this ‘envy’ line tomorrow.
Two more entries on this envy line?
OK…let me try.

love to write


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