The book I am reading now is “Pandvar Poomi” (Part II & III) by Vaali.
Started reading from 06-04-14 onward.Enjoying the great epic Mahabharata, in Vaalis fantastic verses, I got two more unusual birth of characters in the story.
Balarama – the white man – icon for fertility was born to a Surrogate mother “Rohini”
Krishana, the eighth child of Devaki (Kamsa’s sister) was the avatar to kill Kamsa. His complexion is black.
The seventh child Balarama was safely shifted to the womb of Rohini, consort of Vasudeva.
The epic says that two hairs were implanted in Devaki’s womb. One white and one black. The white hair was transferred to Rohini.
The idea of surrogate mother was available, even at the time of Mahabharata.
Rohini had another girl named Subhdhra who later marries Arjuna (Abimanyu – son born to Arjuna and Subhadra) This marriage is arranged by Krishna opposing the view of Balarama.
The incidents of the healthy fight between the brothers, their love are all very interesting to read in Mahabharatha.
Balarama is actually the snake bed of Lord Vishnu (Adi Sheshan)



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