Jarasandan part I

Krishna, Arjuna and Bheema go to the place of Jarasandan in guise of Brahmins. Jarasandan, seeing the tough palms of Arjuna immediately recognize their true identity.He says: “I cannot fight with Krishna and Arjuna. Only Bheema who has got a perfect wrestling body will be the perfect match to me to fight with!”
There goes a terrific wrestling duel between Jarasandan and Bheema. Bheema splits Jarasandan into two parts vertically. One eye to one leg in each part. Lo, the two parts join….this goes on and on testing Bheema’s patience.
The Smiling Krishna takes a long dry grass, splits it into two….joins them upside down and winks atBheema.
The next hit at Jarasandan by Bheema splits him into two. Bheema forcefully joins the two parts of the body of Jarasandan upside down vertically toe to head. There, Jarasandan is slain!
Jarasandan was a powerful King and could not be slain by Krishna as he had a boon of not getting defeated by a Yadava. Jarasandan’s daughters had married Kamsa whom Krishna killed and Jarasandan because of this had a great enmity on Krishna.
What is the secret behind the two part body of Jarasandan?
In the series of unusual births in the epic of Mahabharatha Jarasandan’s birth story will be the next…



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