Prakthrathan had two wives. The beautiful women were Kasirajan’s daughters. They had a good family life, except they were not blessed with children. The kings age crossed sixty.
Vexed, the king threw away his responsibilities and along with his wives headed towards forest.
A great sage at the forest blesses the king and wives and gives them a mango.
Happily the King divides the fruit equally among his queens. The queens become pregnant, and when the babies are delivered eerie thing happens.
Each of the lady delivers a vertical part of the human body with one eye, one hand and one leg.
Bewildered the queens throw away the pieces away.
‘Jarai’ a demon hungrily joins the pieces and ‘vroom..’ a healthy baby is born.
Jarai was very happy seeing the cute healthy child. She hands over the child to the King.
The king was very happy to see the child. Because the child was born with the help of ‘Jarai’ he was named ‘JARASANDAN’


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