Reading the middles gives me fantastic satisfaction

Evening time.
All chores and family duties done.
Time to make an entry in WordPress.
Today is Saturday.
Sundays Deccan Herald will not have the middle.
Let me now read today’s middle.
Today’s middle is about the house maids. The author laments about the authoritative ways the house helps behave. She is worried about their sudden sprouts of absentism.
In yesterday’s middle the author explains the Madrasis settlement at New Delhi and Northners licking the Sambar.
A military man, writing the middle the other day tells about addressing the women officers.
(There was a news report about lady police officers in Gujarat having issued orders that they must be addressed as ‘Sir’ and not as ‘Ben )
Reading these middles makes me understand the various professions in the world and the subtleness and humour enjoyed in their lives.
More than reading the politics and National happenings, more than the cricket scores, reading the middles gives me fantastic satisfaction.
Have more to say about middles. Shall try tomorrow.


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