Q&A Middle

How many words make up a middle article?
400 to 500 words make up a middle. Less than 450 words makes a very 
good reading.
Can I name some authors who write middles?
The middle writing authors are from good positions and have fantastic 
rich experience in their field and have good flair for writing. Some 
people who have military background write superb middles. Women, who 
manage homes write very homely middles.
Veralotti Rengaswamy, Chaya Srivatsav were my favorites. These two 
people are my friends at face book too. I remember another author named 
Leela Ramaswamy.
Did I try writing middles?
Yes, I tried writing middles. Two of my writings, I sent to Deccan 
Herald. But of course not published. They remain in my blogs. I 
remember the titles being: "Suddenly a smile occured to me" and "Baba's 
Hit". These writings are available in this blog.
Can I write a middle now?
Yes, I can try. I shall try tomorrow to write something in 450 words my 
latest experience on missing my internet banking.




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