Internet Banking

I am thinking of a great password and profile password to operate my internet savings bank account. I have to go to the Bank at around 3 pm to take the help of the bank personnel to set right my internet banking account

This is not the first attempt to get excited about operating the internet savings bank account. I am so accustomed to internet banking for the past five years. I have totally forgotten how the bank worked prior to internet banking.

Nothing new, to get excited about, yet I am frustrated. I am anxious, whether I will get my internet banking back.

The internet banking was blacked out from my life because I wanted to include my car loan account also in my savings bank account page.

I gave an application to the bank to include my car loan account, so that seeing the balance in my loan accou nt I can slowly clear my car loan, by paying extra amounts over and above the regular EMIs.

The bank person, a young boy was unassumingly helpful., told me that I was operating my joint SB internet account in my wife’s identity and I have not at all used my identity. (funny is it not? the income account, she has access and the loan account only I know) He gave me a eighteen digit code and gave an internet kit containing a password and wait for a day.

The next day I put the code given in the kit and password on the bank online website page . Hey hey.. everything went haphazard and my operation of the account with my wife’s interface was also not possible.

For the past fifteen days I was without my internet SB account. I was so used to internet banking that I almost stopped going to the bank and carrying money in my pocket.

My cheque book, I am not at all using. Payments through internet…ha ha!
I send money to my son through the internet banking.

My son wanted some money to carry to his place when he had come during last week. If I had the internet banking, I would have transferred the money to his account, in a jiffy. He would withdraw the money he needed using his debit card.

May day was a holiday at the Bank. The next day was Basava Jayanthi. Again Holiday. When I went to bank on Saturday, there was heavy crowd at the bank and I could not remit the money.

My internet banking was not restored.

Oh…Oh…withdrawing some money and remitting the same to his account…it is a hell of a job! I did not know even to fill the remittance challan with extra long account numbers. (earlier in life, did I go to bank and was filling remittance challans? ha ha forgotten!!)

I am going to Ba nk now…..Hope the internet banking gets activated again!!******* Well, I could not try writing a middle yesterday. Today I did 485 words. Tomorrow, what shall I write? Try another 400+ words? It is challenging….subject?

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One thought on “Internet Banking

  1. a realistic one. my internet banking with my main account also needs some more modification. i should do that day after tomoro. all the best brother

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