It is one week, since the Results of election have been declared.
Last Friday, the posting was Verdict 2014.
Last Saturday it was Ganga Aarathi by Narendra Modi. The posting was: Dashashwamedh

Then the postings were Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday….all covering the important

activites of Narendra Modi.
Thursday, Friday and Saturday….this will complete the headings of weekdays on Saturday.

But my Modi watching will continue under different heads. Monday will be the swearing in

Today….I read this news item:
Modi condemns Herat attack; closely monitoring the situation
New Delhi, May 23, 2014, (PTI):
Prime Minister-designate Narendra Modi today talked to Afghan President Hamid Karzai

over the attack on the Indian Consulate in Herat province and was assured that everything will

be done to protect the Indian missions in Afghanistan.

( oh I read Herat attack as Heart attack….and the mind was a blank for a moment.


Modi is facing now the Tamil kazhagams who are agianst Rajabakshe coming. Nawaz sharief

still not announced his visit to India on Monday.


In another news:

I’m extremely happy he is becoming PM, he accepted me as wife
As Narendra Modi gets ready to take oath as Prime Minister, his wife Jashoda Ben said she

is extremely happy over his ascent to the top post and that he accepted her for the first time

as his spouse.

Yet another interesting Modi news from @ANI_news


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