Super Star

Today, the posting should not be titled “Sunday”
The previous posts have taken the titles Sunday to Saturday.
Last week I followed the news items about Narendra Modi.
The sources were TV news channels and Twitter.

Sri Narendra Modi will be sworn in as the Prime Minister of India and tomorrow by this time the ceremony would have been over.
Perhaps, we may know the cabinet ministers.
At present only Modi knows who will get what Ministry.
Shall come with more Modi news next week too.

I have to remind myself again that this blog should have more of writing than links and pictures.
But sometimes writing some stuff takes time and linking is easy.
I have to remind myself that the writings should be from my thoughts and should avoid references as far as possible.
Also I want to add that this is something more than a diary where some more people can read the the things which I want to share.

Sunday went on well, watching Kochadaiyaan.
A Rajini movie.
The movie directed by his daughter Sowdarya Rajanikanth Ashwin is done in motion-capture-picture technology and I liked the animations.

My wife also liked the movie.

Several information are available on the ‘net’ about Kochadiaan.
My observations:
I liked the way “SUPER STAR” “RAJINI” presented when the titles begin.
Glass is shattered to pieces. A golden star is thrown in front of us (3D)
Super Star …Rajini (Whistle)

There in the animated form Nagesh is in front of us.
Great motion-capture-picture-technology…Nagesh is infront of us. (Claps)
Who can forget his mannerisms and actions?
Nice work Kochadiyaan team.
For this purpose….I would like to watch the movie in Tamil again.


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