Dosa and Milagaipodi

Dosai is the delicacy savored well by the family.

My wife prepares delicious dosas.

There is Milagaipodi to go with Dosai.

Milagai Podi is a accompaniment to Dosai,made from the main ingredient, dry chilli. Dry chilli is coarsely powdered with urud dal, Bengal Dal and sesame seeds. A tinge salt and asafoetida are added to taste.

So, dosai and Milagaipodi.

Just want to share two methods of savoring dosa with Milagaipodi.

1) Children and youngsters like this style. They want the Dosai in their plate folded as a semi circle. Milagai podi separately, without touching the dosa. They just dig a pit with the small heap of Milgaippodi. Oil – preferably gingely oil or groundnut oil for flavor- is poured. The oil and the powder are mixed to form a reddish semi liquid concentrate. Take a piece of dosa dip in the reddish liquid or blot the dosa in the liquid….yummy.. delicious.

2) Elders (not all of course…some prefer the first method only, however old they are)prefer this style. Dosa is served in the plate full circle. Milagaipodi is heaped (of course a small heap) in the middle of the round dosa. Oil is poured into the heap pit. Some oil mix with the powder, some oil decant taking the flavor and color of the red chilli. They run down to the dosas underneath. Make sure you have a set of three dosas in your plate paced one above the other. The dosas are cut from the sides dipped in the milagaipodi and eaten.The milagaippodi solution atop will now be dry with the course remnant of the uraddal and Bengal dal. Eat it with a piece of dosa. Crunchy!The second dosa will have the decanted oil with the fragrance of the oil and the chilli powder.Finish the dosas…lick the reddish oil with all the fragrance including the dosa.


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