The art of consuming idlies


Made out of urud dal and rice, served on a plantain leaf steaming, is a wonderful sight, to look at in the first instance.
Green leaf – on it the white cake.

Pour little ghee on the steaming idlys.

Mmmmm…very nice aroma of ghee, steaming idly and the plantain leaf.

Ssss…the saliva has started secreting already.

Fast…let the coconut chutney and the sambar made using the tiny variety of onion be served fast!

Don’t wait. Don’t see here or there. Concentrate. Little bit of idly. Dip in chutney. Simply swallow. Take another bit to be dipped in sambar. Consume it.

That will do. Now mixing time. Larger pieces of idlys. Mix it with chutney first…take the same bit to sambar dip..ah ah ah…double dip.

Now faster…the idly ..chutney and sambar everything will unify in the leaf.

Ah ah ah…you will see the granules of the idly batter mixed well and very delicious. The cake form vanished. Granules of idly chutney and sambar…..

Wipe the plantain leaf clean…

“Want some more idlys?”

Someone has a nice advice:

“After a booze party, the previous night, next day morning breakfast always should be  idlys…the idlys will absorb all the alcohol content in your stomach.”


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