Earlier, I wrote something about eating Dosai with Milagaipodi.
Then I wrote about the art of swallowing idly.
These two food stuffs brought to my mind another favorite dish of mine:
Pongal is a nice dish made out of rice and dal (green dal or toordal)
Preparation of Pongal is very easy.
Cook rice and dal together in a pressure cooker to a smooth watery consistence.
Add salt and pepper powder.
Garnish with jeera cahewnuts using ghee.
Eating hot pongal teaches us a lesson. Don’t put your finger in the middle. It will burn your finger. Pull the pongal sideways. The heat will be less. Consume pongal taking small helpings sideways.
In life too…don’t get stressed touching the hot problem. Slowly attempt to solve the problem, where the heat is less. You can definitely come to the crux of the problem easily. Got it?
I eat pongal whenever I get a chance, remembering the Pongal she served me with the salad made from tomato and onion.


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