The Card deck.

The cards are scattered.

Pick them up. Happily arrange them into a neat deck. Tap the sides. width-wise lengthwise. Use your fingers and palms….the deck should be neat. Very neat. Feel the layers of the cards. Use your fingers and palms get the feel of the cards. Nice is it not?

Take a deep breath. Smile. Caress the top card of the deck, the full deck. Done?


Enjoy the Shuffle. Think that God is Shuffling your cards. He is placing the cards at his planned way in your own hands. Smile.

Play with the cards alone or in a group. You win or lose. Play again. Shuffle the cards..

Yesterday, through a friend the cards were shuffled and the card came to me was to watch the movie “Manam” We watched it. It was a nice play.

Today the card is enjoying a nice Sunday. Holding the Sunday card I think about the Monday card which I will get tomorrow. Is it nice? Is it good? No! But still…….

Yes that is life…arrange the cards…shuffle…play.

I scribble the above words getting an inspiration from the following tweet.

Card deck



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