Grand father was worried about his legacy.
He was wondering whether his Grandson would be continuing to tell lies in life like him.The main reason was his Grandson was missing for four days.
Suddenly the Grandson appears.
“Oh son….where were you?…I was very much worried”
“Don’t worry Grandpa…. A tiger chased me three days ago….I ran ran ran…like hell. Then there was I coconut tree …in my anxiety to escape from the Tiger I some how climbed the tree and stayed atop……the Tiger waited like hell and did not leave…..After a day the Tiger disappeared….Suddenly I realized that I could climb the tree….but did not know to come down….then I came home took a ladder, got down from the tree using the ladder…and am coming to you straight away!”
Grandpa had a proud smile….His Grandson was better in carrying on the legacy.


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