I should try to hear music in this way.

The way I am listening to music…is it correct?
Some say, if the mind concentrates on the music then we are happy. If we concentrate
on the lyrics we are not happy. Is it true?
My mind set is that I like melodious songs with good lyrics. Say good lyrics about the temporary world we live in. I also like lyrics that gives good advices.
I like the sounds of whistle, music from the flute, mouthorgan….
A song from the film Sholay “Ye dosthi….” with mouthorgan bits is one of my favorite.

While watching a talk show on the TV recently a new concept of listening to music was revealed to me.
The movie songs we hear has made us to not to relish music. Our ears don’t get the
full enjoyment of music.
You hear an instrumental music and you have no idea of the lyrics. If you listen properly with a dire desire to hear music, the sound waves will lift your imagination and you will be taken to a lovely world.
This experience, I have experienced.
The concept told in the Talk show, showed me that, this is the experience of hearing the music.
I should try to hear music in this way.


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