Sesbania grandiflora

My wife was happy at Bangalore on Sunday. She saw a vegetable vendor selling varieties of green leaves. Here at Hubli, we don’t get certain edible leaves. So she went for buying certain rare variety of leaves. She bought Agathi kirai, drumstick kirai and Vallarai kirai.
Oh good. I remembered all the kirais she bought. Incidentally Vallarai kirai is good for memory.
Today she prepared Agathik kirai curry with coconut kernel shredding. Nice it was.
Let us know little facts about Agathik kirai.

Common names

  • Indic languages:
    • Hindi: गाछ मूंगा (gaach-munga)
    • Malayalam: അകത്തി (അഗത്തിച്ചീര)(akatti)
    • Sinhala (Sri Lanka) : කතුරුමුරුංගා (kathurumurunga)
    • Sanskrit: अगस्ति[10] (agasti)
    • Kannada: agase
    • Oriya: ଅଗସ୍ତି (agastee)
    • Tamil: அகத்தி (akatthi)
    • Telugu: అవిసి (avisi)
    • Marathi: हेटा (heta)
    • Bengali :বক ফুল (Bokful or Heron flower, as its white and hangs like a heron from the tree.)



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