Moringa oleifera

Ah, there after eating Vallarai kirai yesterday, our brains have developed and we know the way to come out of the mistakes we make.
Today, it is Murungai kirai …
It is interesting to know a little about the leaves we eat. See Wikipedia. I use Tamil Wikipedia to search in my native tongue and then read the article in English.
One of the culinary item is murungai kirai adai. This is called verum arisi adai. (Which rice we use? boiled rice? or raw rice?)
Verum arisi adai in Tamil means we use only rice and no cereals to prepare this High Definition Dosa. The green leaves roasted along with the rice batter in the form of thick Dosa will be delicious to eat.
And Yes, wife also had bought Plantain Stem at Bengaluru last Sunday.
We had Plantain stem curry today.
I have the picture of the Adai and Screen shot of Murunga kirai to go with the post.


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