Wise man’s formula – the answer

My boss is really wise. Of course I envy that wisdom with love.
Yes, the wise man was called to distribute the 17 cows among three sons in the ratio 0.5: 0.33: 0.11
The wise man brings his own cow and adds to the 17.
There were 18 cows now.
The sons thought that they will get one extra cow.
“Yes Gentlemen, now the distribution of the cows” The wise man told.
Your father said 1/2 of the cows to the first son.
“come on, the first son take 9 cows (half of 18 is 9)”
“Yes, the second man take 6 cows to you….1/3 of 18 is 6”
“And the third man….2 for you as 1/9th of 18 is 2…”
Lo….the seventeen cows were distributed to the three men according to their father’s wish. (9+6+2).
The Wise man took his cow and went out keeping his head high.
Boss said to try distributing work taking some work for the next day.
Let me try!

Balasubramanian Ganapathy


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