Day Board

“Humans are lazy beings. They don’t actually want to work. His natural instinct is not to work. If given a chance….he would like things to be automated or somebody doing the task for him….” Some time ago a teacher told me this.

And from then on I don’t feel that much guilt when I am not able to do a thing. Sometimes the mood is so good that I begin to list the tasks. Sometimes listing the tasks
itself appears to be a mammoth task. I can feel a bit jealous when seeing people who have a
long list of tasks to be done. I feel more envy when people talk about task list in their blogs,
and in real life where people meticulously jot down things to be done in a diary.
I cannot foresee more than three tasks at a time. Where can I list more tasks?
Sometimes I feel that if I write down a task I may not do it or it may take more time to get the
thing done. With this fear I prefer to have my tasks in mind. The advantage of having a task
list however is that, the tasks irritating the eye and the mind. The irritation may one day see it
Otherwise simply delete the task and write it afresh.
Recently I have added a special Day board to my Google chrome which works off line too.
Five tasks can be added (Let me be more productive)

Started adding tasks. Some tasks are there which say, added 12 days ago, yet to be finished. Irritates me. Okay. Let me delete
them and add the task afresh!

Screen shots of the Day Board to decorate this entry.
A long pending task in ‘want to share’ is sharing screen shots done with various tools. Let me

Something will be written about this definitely tomorrow.


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