On June 27th I made an entry in this blog regarding the activity of reading the book “The best of speaking tree”.
Better late than never. Sunday evening I finished reading the first volume. And have started reading the second volume. It is an accomplishment to record that I have finished reading a book. Is it not? Some sort of elation. Hope to read this II volume faster than the first volume. In the second volume, the categories are different. I shall record the categories soon. Perhaps tomorrow?
The categories I read in the first volume recently were about ‘Guru’ and ‘Special days’ during the week end.
The important point covered under the category “Guru” is this:
There is not authority called Guru. Guru is just a person who removes the obstacle which hides what you know.He makes you to know ‘what you already know’. Guru removes the ignorance in you.
In the ‘special days’ category, good thoughts are written about the various festivals. Some extracts from the book is worth recording in this blog.

I have underlined some interesting lines in the book. Some short sentences, I have shared in my twitter and Facebook with a tag #speakingtree. I will tag this entry and further entries made, getting inspired from reading the book under the tag ‘speaking tree’

This is Ramzan month. I was wondering why Ramzan days comes during different dates every year. Sometimes Ramzan comes in the month of December. This year the Ramzan is around 29th of this month. The answer to this is:

Ramdan (or Ramzan) ninth month of the (Islamic Calendar…Wikipedia link) Muslim year, spent in ritual fasting, encourages the devout ‘to do good and desist from evil. Following the lunar calendar, Ramzan may occur in extremes of cold and heat or in seasons when the days may be very long or very short. However adverse the physical conditions, its rites are dutifully observed since to the true believer fasting applies not just to the body but also to the soul. Prophet Muhammad called fasting ” a shield” saying, “Let not him who fasts behave immodestly, or engage in vulgar speech; and if someone abuses him or quarrels with him, let him say: “I am fasting, I am fasting” as he is abstaining, as a matter of strict self-discipline; not just from food and drink but from all pernicious thoughts and intentions and acts. Indeed during the entire month of Ramzan, the believer is expected to give himself up entirely to prayer, contemplation, piety and charity. Those who merely observe outward forms are warned that Allah is no need for their fasting.

Islamic calendar – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaThe Islamic calendar, Muslim calendar or Hijri calendar (AH)[1][2] is a lunar calendar consisting of 12 months in a year of 354 or 355 days.
View on en.wikipedia.org Preview by Yahoo

*[-( not talking

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