Being tight lipped for a good reason is lovely.
If your intentions are good, and if it is for the  welfare of your family, then certain plans you need not disclose to them.
Enjoying watching movies is a good habit as long as you learn some language and concepts and intricacies of life.
You can build a nice ‘vision’ watching movies.

These are the lessons I learnt while watching the Malayalam movies “Drishyam” recently.

The hero George Kutty (played by Mohanlal) creates evidences to safeguard an inadvertent murder done by his daughter and wife of a boy who tried to molest his daughter by evil means. He is very successful and hoodwinks the police. In fact the evil boy is none other than the son of IG of police. This genere of film is family thriller, a genre which combines the elements of a family drama and thrill. His alibi involving his family is well done (thanks to George Kutty’s ‘Vision’)

He tells the father of the evil boy that an uninvited guest was destroyed to save his family and that is all. He is tight lipped till the end about where he buried the body of the evil boy – even to his family.

Good it is. Good thing won, in spite of police investigations.

More about Drishyam in Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drishyam


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