Guru Poornima

At the outset let me thank all my Gurus.
For the first time in my life, I have observed “Guru Poornima” I learnt that the full moon that comes in the month of Ashada is observed as “Guru Poornima” My family has observed “Saraswathi Pooja” when we were asked to start studying.
Guru Poornima is the occassion where one should think of all our Gurus who have made us what we are. A good gesture. Is it not? People saying that “I am a self made man” is not a true thing.
Unless we are helped by several Gurus in removing our ignorance, we cannot become “Self made”
With the help of our Yoga Guru, who made us to light lamps individually in a serene atmosphere…
I thank all my teachers, right from my I standard to my latest Gurus in workplace and Yoga teacher. All teachers came to my mind. Some names I remember. Some I don’t. Thank you Teachers.

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