Little Musings on Wikipedia.

Getting chances to refer to Dictionary and encyclopedia is a thing to look forward to.
It all requires a little composure and curiosity to look into a word or getting some more information on a subject.
Occasionally I get such chances and I am overwhelmed when a new thought or meaning, I get when referring to the dictionary or encyclopedia.
I get a joy when I really do not/or heard know/such information before.
The volumes of Encyclopedia Britannica I used to see in my college library and the public libraries I visted in my younger days.
I used to refer them in the ‘British library” also.
When I began to work referring to encyclopedias dwindled. On the onset of Wikipedia the habit of referring to the encylopedias is now revived. Particularly the Wikipedia.
The bespectacled chubby boy during my college days who was referring to Encyclopedia Britanica would be now referring to Wikipedia? He would have written an article in Wikipedia?
I don’t know. But I could not write an article in Widipedia.
Only thing I wish now is to refer to Wikipedia as often as possible.



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