The desire is to write something more.

The writing should have some connection with the previous post.In the process I have to get a better expression of telling what I feel.

With this desire in mind let me muse something that happens in our kitchen almost every day in different scenes.

I take part in the kitchen chores with my wife. Certain works I can do with ease. (Or my wife makes it easy for me?) Grinding the rice with green dhal with a dash of pepper and cumin seeds in the mixer (My wife does it standing in front of the kitchen table) I squat in a place adjacent to a wall and watch. She pours water in the pan, She adds the course powder into it when the water boils, adds curry leaves and salt, stretching herself to take salt and curry leaves which are at different racks in the kitchen.

My job is to sit and wait. (My job will come)

The course powder is cooked. Holding the hot pan with a tong she puts the dough in front of me. It is hot. Very hot.

She also gives me some cold water in a container to cool to help me to touch the hot dough. My job begins now:

I have to press the dough into oval shaped balls. Dip my palm in the cold water. Take dough, delicately press into egg shaped balls. She supervises the job. She is particular that the balls are evenly shaped. She is satisfied.
These rice balls are called ‘kozhukkattai’ the steamed delicacy is a solid stuff for breakfast.

This one is a brief description of one of the chore I perform in the kitchen. I feel that my mite is less, Still my wife is proud of me for doing this. I shall try to describe another chore some other time. Writing doing the chores is interesting.

I searched ‘kozhukkattai’ in Wikipedia. (ah the desire is fulfilled now…writing something in pursuance of Wikipedia post yesterday).

Actually Kozhukkattai as brought out by Wikipedia is the original Kozhukatta. You can see a nice picture of Kozhukkattai there. The original Kozhukkattai is made of rice power and jaggery. Kerala, TamilNadu, Orrisa and Srilanka are the places where this dish is familiar.

In our home we prepare the Original Kolzhukkattai during Vinyaka Chathurthi.

The convenience in Wikipedia is searching Kozhukkattai in English, I can view the content in Tamil version also.
I stay in the “Kozhakkattai” page in the English version of Wikipedia and the interface makes me to go to Tamil version also where the same subject is covered.

Information packed.

I go to Wiktionary. Click to know about the shapes I am referring to. (oval shape of Kolukkattai)

Nice it is.


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