Celebrate writing diaries.

Writing something on the Subject “Diary” I remember a Hindi film starring Amitab and Rajesh Khanna.
The film is “Anand”. Amitab plays the role of a Doctor and Rajesh Khanna an optimistic terminally ill patient.
The movie begins with felicitation function to the Doctor who wrote a book on the terminally ill patient Anand.In his speech The Doctor says:
“I have not written anything more than a Diary and this is not a story but life of a real person who lived a meaningful life…”
Yes, there even if could not become a good writer, I love writing diaries. The Doctor telling that writing diaries is equally good as writing inspired me and I feel proud in writing diaries.
Later the 1971 film Anand unfolds with the copy of the Docotors diary with a superb action by Rajesh Khanna.
Just brought this here to say that diary writing is good.
I did diary writing in paper and in notebooks.
Now I have four diaries on the net.
1) Three minutes journal...where I analyse the events.
2) 280 daily where I write something in Tamil
3) Jot story…jot things down whenever there is time.
4) Ohlife where I can e mail my day to my diary may be in an eloborate way.

Celebrate writing diaries.


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