It is quite normal

It is okay that I am engrossed. I am involved. I am active.
All these, a long time after getting up from sleep.
Why is it that getting up from sleep and getting rid of the inertia takes a long time?
A person funnily expressed that on holidays this gaining momentum pain is to be faced twice. Yes, if the afternoon nap turns out to be a sleep.
I am sufficiently old and experienced to tell this:
Except for rare occasions when we have beautiful thing to do in the morning, getting up from sleep not so briskly, is a normal natural phenomenon.
Don’t feel the extra guilt of not getting up briskly in the morning.
Instead list out the interesting beautiful things you can do as soon you awake.
Let it be a small insignificant thing. Try doing that.
So, it is quite normal not to get momentum immediately getting up from sleep. Need not be guilty about this.


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