^cg A good musing right?

I don’t want to be serious. What is the use of being serious?
Something I do or some writing I do, should have humor tint in that.
The other day I was browsing blog posts under the category humor very seriously.

One post said that we have several musings throughout the day. Picking up, one thought and writing something on that seems to be easy.

A good musing right?

How many thoughts pass us! We act tremendously sometimes. We plan to act very well. So
many things. The things overwhelm us.
But if I sit and try to bring one thought I mused…thoughts refuse to come. When thoughts refuse to come how can I write and how can I seriously mix humor with that?

There the musing of the day is:
“Pick up a thought. Mix humor in that. Write”
Easier said than done.


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