^cg Combo effect!

Wholesome food is OK. Satisfactory. Yet Combo foods give us variety and are interesting to consume and relish.

Combo effect!

I need to open the safe but I forgot the combo.
I order the low priced combo platter: a wada, two idlys and some pongal.
The latest Combo on my platter yesterday was Huff post and Hoot suite.
Posted my blog entry at word press, through Hoot suite.
I have my twitter, Facebook, word press, stumble-upon ever note and tumblr at hoot suite.

Huff post, is US edition and the posts are full of multimedia effects. Slide show, video, images and text. Very colorful and information packed.
Residing in India, I cannot relate to, much of the information there. Yet, interesting to browse through. I select a couple of posts and share on twitter (information which are globally related).I also post a tweet from Huff post to record my attendance there.
The comedy Huffpost is very funny and I like it.

The scoop-it from Hoot suite I use very sparingly.
Let me have more such combo in my browsing.


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