Why do ‘I’ think about death,
Where there is no “I” or I to know about that?

Till death I will be wondering about death.
After that what wonder will ‘I’ have?
As long as I am alive, ‘I’ will be there.
After that where is the ‘I’ to fear about?

I have seen my Grand mother only when ‘I’ was born.
She had her ‘I’ even long before my ‘I’
She was part in my I
Where is she now?
No where.

So is my grandfather my father.
So were my uncles.
All ‘I’s are nowhere.

Great ‘I’s. great achievements. great contributions to mankind.
Yet the ‘I’ is as long as we live.
Then ‘nothing’
Nothing is also not correct defitintion.
There is no ‘I’ to feel the nothingness.

We live to leave?
why at all we come here to the world?
Is there any reason?
why this I? why this fear about leaving?
(We feel the fear when we live)

why this ‘I’ sets in darkness?


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