The triangular commotion

I stand where the drawing room and kitchen meet.
My mother’s study is my to the left side. She will be reading something with the soap serial on the television at the far end of the hall. No botheration for her about the sound or dialogues. With the visual content she will be able to understand the serial story.

My wife is in the kitchen, standing infront of the gas stove preparing some nice food.
I stand near the entrance of kitchen as well as near the hall. I am accessible to both my wife and mother at that position. My wife will be talking some important thing to me. My mother will be happy to share something she has just read (she has updated the story line on the tv)

I just stood at that vantage position to listen to some interesting dialogue in the ongoing soap.
Here, what is my intention? To listen to the interesting dialogue.
What happens? My mother is happily telling me something from what she just read. At the same time my wife has something to say to me.
I tell you a secret: I did not hear mother, I did not listen to what my wife said. I could not listen to the interesting dialogue in the soap.
He he he he !!!


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