Cell phone.

How many cell phone selling stores! In our city alone it will be 200+.
What a variety of brands and what a variety of technologies!!
Android, iOs, Windows…basic..!!!!
It so happened that my wife’s Samsung android phone went out of order and repairing the display would cost us more than Rs 2000 that we decided to buy a new phone.
What a sea of cell phones at the shop! Nokia, xolo, Samsung…i phone.
Prototype models are displayed on the table. Each model has some alpha numerals as their names.
I don’t bother much about names of the models.
My wife and daughter discuss several things. I concentrate mainly on the price and wonder how much I have to spend.
The old Saamsung cell phone nobody bothers. If we ask the salesman, he offers Rs 300/- for that.
And there, we select a window phone for my wife.
She is excited about learning the operation of the phone.
She is happy. I am happy.


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