Nadhaswaram up date

As promised in the 18th July post coming with Nadhaswaram update

Trying to continue from the threads of the post from 18th July.

Prasad, the elder son of Chokkalingam, got the Malaysian Lottery Cheque. But it is not cashed yet.

Prasad is rich by five crores now. He is the ardent follower of the fake Jyothishya. He does not want to see his brother Gopi. This is as per the advice of the fake jyothisya. The fake astrologer has said that if he sees his brother Gopi, his luck will not work. The fake astrologer actually wants to take vengeance on Gopi/

Mahesh is behind buying a car.
Mahesh is going to the extent of taking the responsibility of telling Gopi not to attend the reception organised by Prasad. If Prasad sees Gopi, the luck of Prasad will vanish. That is what the fake josian has said. When she tries to visit Gopi at Malar’s place, Gopi had gone out with Malar. She is now waiting at the threshold  of Malar’s house.

The Drunkard Husband of Paramu is bad to worse.

Now he comes to swindle the jewels of the bride Gayathri threatening the ladies at home  at knife point. The men’s folk have left to the reception hall. His attempt fails as the womenfolk hit him with clubs. However, Kamu is severely injured on her head.
Gayathri is in Chokkus house. Prasad’s in-laws make plans not to invite his foster parents Babu and Rani.

There is chaos because of this. The reception of Gayathri and Sambandham is in great swing, with Shiva team to belittle Gopi and the commotion of Ramesh’s robbing attempt. Babu and Rani are now attending the reception.

Gopi is in a soup at Tirupur…..

Now,Gopi is at Malar’s house at Karaikudi. He has taken her to a Restaurant and lovingly buys her Rava Dosa. Sambhandahm and Kaja are  also there. It is interesting to note that Nani group to spoil his name at the Sambandham Gayathri reception hall come to the same Hotel. But they don’t see each other.

The story goes on…..

Shall update a fortnight later, say on a Friday or Saturday.
love to write


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