Quora and Stumpleupon

Yes, my aim is to make a quick post for the day.|
The concept is ‘combo’ concept.

I think I have made two earlier combo posts.

Today my combo ingredients are 1) quora and 2) StumbleUpon

The distractions now:|
1) Downloading something from the web, the browsers began to behave erratically. They spew ads in every nook and corner.
2) The quora website opens a separate window for each of the link.

My aim in doing the ‘combo’ exercise is to have only two sites and one site to write the blog entry.
So, only three windows.

Come on…come on…5 windows are there in my browser now.
Close “TweetDeck”

One is my quora home page….let it be there.

Balasubramanian Ganapathy – QuoraIt was VVK Chandra from Andhra Pradesh. The book that he bought was “Leaving Microsoft to Change the World”. More details here: People That Make Us – …
View on www.quora.com Preview by Yahoo

Another one is StumbleUpon were I have a page which gives
a list of 70 useful websites.

I went to Suirt to read web word by word

SquirtSpeed read the web, one word at a time
View on squirt.io Preview by Yahoo

And that is my web story right now.|
I have to StumbleUpon, read something in quora…

Nice Yahoo gives Preview of the sites I am visiting.

There quora, Stumpleupon and Yahoo…for the day.


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