Last night I was thinking

Last night I was thinking about the ‘time’ being swallowed. In great chunks. Years… decades…..
This Phenomenon we perceive, because we are living.
Blogging was something new in the year 2001. That is when I laid my hands on scribbling. It was even before G mail came into existence. Because I was scribbling in ‘blogger’ I got a special invitation to try gmail. I was given special previlege of inviting people to try gmail.
Now G mail is a popular one.
I have still retained my hotmail id at My yahoo mail was hacked and now I have ID in a different way at yahoo.
The ‘geo cities’ came and gone
In 2001 my son was 10 year old.
So many years have past…
Son’s earning moments have started now
My earning days are flying and the retirement time is coming.
The past is dead…still I think. Some dull moments and the happy moments. The happy moments are not that happy now.
So much of my working life has elpased and no longer my degree certificate or appointment letter have a meaning.

Still at the moment take some time to think about past and get scared that I have only a little future.

“Life consists only of moments, nothing more than that. So if you make the moment matter, it all matters,” Ellen Langer.

It matters a bit if we think about past and future a little at the moment.



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