Scribble Passion

Emoji“I am searching for a bit of waste paper…”

Pursuing my “passion” for scribbling, I stumble upon several methods/ideas to put forth my scribbling.

Recently I began writing with a ‘combo’ effect. The combo efect is being in two sites among the innumerable sites available under the world wide web and choosing an interface like e mail, hoot suite or the blog interface to write whatever thought that strikes my mind.

Some other methods I try to use while scribbling are:

  1. Writing things with ‘good’ and ‘bad’ captions in them.
  2. Listing five favorite things (may be five tweets)
  3. Writing on waste papers like the backside of a bill, a bus ticket or an ATM slip.

Writing on bits of paper has got advantages:














  1. No big screen in front of me, lest some close buddy looks from behind the crap that I am writing.
  2. Wife will be cool, thinking that I am doing some better work, other than browsing some silly things on the net.
  3. It makes me think leisurely, when I write on paper.

“Yes I got a bit of paper in my office. A printout that got wasted. I scribble on that this post and am sending through my e mail at Hotmail.



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