This is an inspiring Status update with inspiring comments

Just want to share an inspiring Status update and selected comments there on as a post today Emoji

God…ek question..why did you deny me few inches more.?

  1. Easier thing is to for you to have believed that you are fine as you are. Better fix it late than
  2. God intended you to take that step.
  3. …some people stand tall in their very character outlook. Their presence is enough …… be
  4. short…stand tall
  5. I ask a similar question about the few extra inches I have
  6. you are Tall with and By Your Achievements my Dear. You definitely don’t need the Inches!
  7. The best of technologies come compressed – be it man made like computer chips or god
  8. made like … the brain
  9. Because God knew that you could make yourself many inches taller than most in the matters
  10. In which direction?
  11. all good things come in small packets!!

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