Depression – perhaps a mild 10mg dose of Citalopram, a little bit of time and patience, will sort it.

It is sad to note the demise of Robin Williams. It is said that he committed suicide due to depression.

In this connection, I happened to read an article on the subject: “depression”. click to read the article. The article had a positive approach to ‘depression’. The article did not define depression in a way to make me more depressed. Instead, the article made me to see ‘depression’ in a better way.

Everyone gets depressed. God has created us like that. But we want to be in our comfort zone. We want nobody to question us. We want the work we intend to be succeeded at the very first instance. If this happens we are very happy and start boasting about our success.

I feel, being depressed is better than being in a boastful mood. What is the use of being happy and comfortable alone, when people around us are in some sort of low moods? You are happy that you could achieve something, while the other person could not. He may congratulate you, but he will feel depressed.

Don’t you feel happy when you join with a person who is also not happy and sailing in the same boat as you do? You go on sharing your depression and you become very happy. (I have a friend who is depressed too!)

The general or medical articles you read on the subject depression, make you more depressed.They say that some chemical make your brain depressed. They go on explaining different modes to come out of the depression state. The person who is writing the article is a very happy person. you are experiencing the depression and hate doing the things written by the person, let alone reading them with a focus.

Let me conclude, I like being depressed than to be happy and become a head strong fellow. When the whole world is depressed what is the use of me being happy?

“It’s a recession when your neighbor loses his job; it’s a depression when you lose your own” – Harry S. Truman


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