Internet is a great world, offering great space to wander and enjoy things. I am utilising this space to the extent of 3% (462 MB) (Am I using my brain to this extent?) I have measured my utilisation of internet space taking my usage of Google Drive as my basic scale.

These software Engineers – what all they have created! I am wonderstruck! (Do they use their creations?) My experience in Google Drive is creating simple word documents. (Oh, how I wish to utilise the facilities of excel sheets, presentations, forms, ready made templates and lot more)

To write yesterday’s entry “Depression” I used Google Docs. A short research could be done in the Doc interface. I can know to define certain words. I can get some relevant quotes. I can edit my writing taking drive suggestions and also without suggestions. I need not worry about my spelling – just go on typing my thoughts, correcting the red underlines later.

Writing in the Google docs is an awesome experience. “Depression” – defining the word going to various dictionaries and reading articles on depression, made me depression less. Researching “Robin Williams” I could go through his life and talents. The quotes with Depression as the key word were thought provoking. I could not pick up an image to the context: “Depression” Of course the research gave me good images (Depressed)…All this I could do in the Google docs writing my piece on depression.

There is also a regret that, I could not use the ‘add on’ of twitter search to pick up a apt tweet on depression.

Oh…Oh…I using less than 3% of the internet world.

Writing this post, let me try to know a little more about ‘Google docs’ and the measure ‘Gigabyte’ using the research facility at Google docs.

Orders of magnitude (data)


“Gigabyte – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.” 2003. 14 Aug. 2014 <>


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