Last Sunday was Upakarma day, and I made a small post about that. That day while searching twitter, I could get a link of Vellukudi Krishnan’s discourse on Upakarma. It was a 55 mts you tube video.
I marked the video to be watched later. Yes, definitely marked the video to be watched later.
Today, I had hell a lot of time. Signed into my youtube account. Clicked ‘watch later’ “Karma”
The 55 minutes Upakarma video is not in the list.
No issues. Searched Velukudi + Upakarma, at you tube.
Is it due to my Karma that I missed to watch the video I wanted? Hey hey…I got this video link through twitter search na?
Go to Upakarma search at twitter.
There…there I could get the you tube link under video search. Karma.
You tube says “sorry the video is private.”
I tweeted to the person requesting him to share the video with me. Let me see whether the person gives me the link.
But it was my fortune to listen to a nice talk by VelluKudi today. It was another video of two and hour duration. The topic was:
“Why only bad things happen to good people?”
Velukudi explains what is good and what is bad with karma theory. He tells us about atman and body in a lucid way. It was interesting.
Watch a GIF on Karma. 


I shall try to putforth my expressions on his talk on Sunday. Don’t forget to tune into this Blog on coming Sunday.


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