“Why only bad things happen to good people?”

1) Good or bad things happen only to this mortal body and not to the soul. (Atman)

2)The routine of Good and bad is to happen in an alternate way. One cannot say that bad things will always happen.

3)Somethings can be seen. (Thrishtam) Something cannot be seen (Athrishtam) For the things that can be seen, the blame for the bad things that happen can be attributed to a person (Preferably ‘me’). For the bad things which happen and the reason cannot be seen the reason is to be taken as the God’s way.

God has created the Samsaram (life, which includes family and the whole world) is a very complex way. The Samsaram is auto pilot and the Lord sits in a relaxed way that the life goes of its own accord.

These are the points in brief I could gather from the interesting talk by Vellukudi.
If time permits, we can watch the lecture at this link. http://youtu.be/UamiwM9Ix54

I do not really comprehend the theory that “Atman (soul) is eternal. My simple questions are like this:

Is Atman one or several?
Supposing the atman discards a body, there should be a corresponding body for the atman to re-enter?
There should be a countable number of atmans, otherwise I see more number of bodies and get confused whether there are atmans waiting to enter the body.


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