I try to be active in life……

I try to be active in life and in the websites I register myself.
Look today, I have come to ‘EVERNOTE’.
Evernote presents a present facility now.
Of course it is a premium feature.

It is good. I can see my ideas in a slide form, full screen.

Wikipedia while giving information on websites, gives the information whether the website is active or not.

Longback I used to visit a portal called lycos.com where I did some blog exercise. I had a niche there called wife, web and walk. lycos gives tripod sites too.

Now lycos is free in certain countries. Not in India. ( I cannot be active there now!)

I was bit active in a page called prototype pages. Now the site has made me inactive at its place saying that the user has violated certain policies of the site.
Wonder is, the mobile version of my page is active.

It is good to be active in life and websites…..ha ha ha.

My Ever note at hoot-suite is not active…ha ha ha…

After posting this blog from hoot suite….my ever-note became active at hoot-suite…DNS error got fixed itself.

Hope I get my protopage soon…


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