Let me watch YouTube!

Let me watch YouTube more
What are your views on watching you tube?
What is this?
Reading more and more on the net?
Boring a bit…..
Whether I enjoy or relish an article or information fully or not, I simply press the share button as if I am so interested in the shared subject. I write something, which sometimes consumes lots of time. Let the writing take its own time. I don’t mind that. But when I read that later, I am not satisfied with my expression.
Let me change the routine.
Let me watch you tube more.
One more advantage of watching you tube, is I can site back. Not engrossed in hitting the key pad.
If wife comes near me I can share with her and discuss something. When involved in writing, I don’t pay enough attention to her. This routine will give her more attention. If needed I can hit the space button for a pause and talk to her.
So, you tube watching begins from now. Little more of videos.


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