Buying something for us.
Do we get something for us whole heartedly? Why that confusion to buy a thing which we can well afford but hesitate to buy?
Not unnecessary thing like that top up for our mobile. A pair of sports shoe for a small walk or workout in the morning for instance?
What a big walk? My work out or walk can be done with available foot wear, why spend some money for a sports shoe?
I should buy a pair of sports shoes for my wife too. She has also got the desire to own one and walk wearing that. Her thought is: "Can I wear a shoe when I am in saree?"
Yes, we will buy shoes.
Baba has asked us to wear sports shoes (shoe with laces) and come to the camp today.
He said that, he will show us the morning. He said to come out in the morning.
We bought nice pair of shoes. We saw the dawn. We came out in the dawn.
Baba succeeded in making us realise that seeing dawn and coming out in the dawn gives us energy.
And we spent happily in buying our new pairs of sports shoes.


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